Mega Knockdown: The Card Game


    Get ready to fight! Mega Knockdown is a two-player fighting card game designed to simulate the strategy and mind games of an arcade fighting game, without requiring hundreds of hours of practice to play at a high level. Using attacks, blocks and grappling techniques, you must overcome your opponent in single combat. Predicting the opponent’s actions, controlling space and pressing the advantage are your keys to victory.

    Mega Knockdown was first developed and playtested in 2016-2017 as a submission to the CUDO Plays tabletop game design competition. Since then, it has evolved from a card game to a simultaneous turn-based PC game. It was never officially published aside from its initial prototype release on Tabletop Simulator. When Alan McMillian joined the team in 2022, we began plans to release a new edition of the card game that would include finished art, as well as revisions to the gameplay to bring it more in line with the digital version, although the core mechanics of both are already quite similar. More details will be announced at a later date.


    Print & Play PDF's for the 2017 card game prototype are now available to Patreon subscribers who contribute at the "VIP" level.