Q: Simultaneous turns? How does that work?
A: Each turn starts with an input phase, where both players select a movement option (walk, stand still, jump) and a combat option (attack, block, throw) in double-blind fashion. Once both players are locked in, a second or two of combat takes place based on what both players chose, and then the next input phase begins.


Q: But I thought fighting games were all about reactions? How can a fighting game be turn based?
A: You'd think so, but many actions in fighting games are performed proactively, in response to situations that take place before a move comes out. This is because many moves in fighting games will become active faster than a human being can physically react to their startup. On the other hand,
some specific interactions in fighting games which revolve more around reactions, such as confirms, mixups or whiff punishing certain moves, are harder to represent in a turn-based game, and are thus given less emphasis.


Q: I think I'd rather play a fighting game that takes place in real time. Any suggestions?
A: Have you considered playing Guilty Gear? It's a good game.


Q: What are the origins of this game?
A: Mega Knockdown was first developed and playtested in 2016-2017 as a submission to the CUDO Plays tabletop game design competition. Since then, it has evolved from a card game to a simultaneous turn-based PC game.


Q: What's with the sprites? Is that Jerma?

A: We used Jerma985's free greenscreen footage to make charcter sprites while we fleshed out the basic gameplay. This art style was very well received by testers, many of whom asked us to keep them in the game. For that reason "Jerma" style sprites will be available as a free DLC option at release.


Q: What engine is the game using?

A: Mega Knockdown uses the Unity engine, and was coded from scratch in C#. Inputs are handled via Guavaman's Rewired framework.


Q: Can I make videos/streams of Mega Knockdown, and can I share/post them, and can I monetize them?

A: Yes.


Q: Will this game use NFT's?

A: Short answer: No. Long answer: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

Q: What platforms will Mega Knockdown be available on?
A: Windows PC initially. If possible, we will port to MacOS/Linux.

Q: Who made this game? How do I contact them?
A: Mega Knockdown was developed mostly by
@dhamster of the one-person Counter Hit Studios, and produced in collaboration with the Mega Memecast. For inquiries, e-mail dhamster (at) megaknockdown (dot) com.